. Abhaykumar Gasti, Dr. Chandramma. M


Finance is the life blood of any organization without which no production activity takes place and it is the scarcest resource among the resources of production. It is very essential to all firms irrespective of their size and nature. Small mistakes in financing production activity affects adversely to largely to the well beings of the firms. Therefore, entrepreneurs must be choosy in selecting the sources of finance, amount of finance and their investment in fixed and working capital. It is their duty to make the optimum capital structure of firms and utilize this scarce resource optimally. However, they are facing many problems in financing their ventures. The present study is based on the primary data which are collected from 300 entrepreneurs of Dharwad district through questionnaire to examine the financial problems of entrepreneurs. The study suggested for simplifying the lending procedures and making it borrower friendly.


Micro and Small Scale Industry, Entrepreneur, Financial Institutions

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