Dr. Usha Tiwari


Human resources not only contribute to the efficient running of an organization, but also offer significant potential to its future development. Success of an organization is mainly concerned with the management of human resources. . Hence an employer should satisfy the physical and psychological needs of his employees in order to motivate them strive for the achievement of the organization goals. Job satisfaction is of great importance for the individuals, the organizations that employ them and the society as a whole. In the present study an attempt has been made to an analysis of job satisfaction and its impact on employees performance at Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India in Rewa and Satna division of Madhya Pradesh.

The study show the job satisfaction and its impact on employees performance at Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India appear good. The average mean score and percentage score has been computed at 3.7 (67.5%).The most important factors contributing employees job satisfaction are:  comfort work place, relationship with superior , convened working hours, fairness , participation in decision, chances for  future development and overall satisfaction with present job.


Job Satisfaction; Employees Performance; Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India

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