Arvinder Kour Mehta


Performance appraisal is one of the main functions of human resource management. It is useful not only for Management but also for the employees so that they can know and understand about their performance from the Management Point of view. In this Paper researcher has tried to assess the relationship of Performance Appraisal system on the Motivation of Employees. For this purpose an empirical study has been carried out among the staff members of Cooperative Bank and data was collected through questionnaire. During the research it has been observed that the establishment of relationship between Performance Appraisal and Work Motivation depends on the type of performance appraisal system used in the particular sector and the transparency with which the whole process of Performance Appraisal was carried out. In the Cooperative bank where the survey was carried out are in practise of writing confidential report of employees and the data analysed gives very no significant relationship between performance Appraisal and Work Motivation.


Work Motivation; Performance Appraisal

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