. Yehualaw Alemu Lake


Even though some scholars stated about the importance of Intramural and extramural sport activity, now a days it is neglected by some African and other politically instable countries, because of terrorist acts against mass people. Therefore, the aim of this systematic review is to show the role of intramural and extramural sport program to spread out sport in the society. As a result, the review shows that Intramural and extramural sport activity are means of obtaining physical activity and the potential to make a significant impact on daily physical activity levels, as well as it plays a great role in creating physically, mentally and socially fit citizens. In addition it may help excel the provision of different types of sports even those sports which are uncommon in the area. Finally it can be used as a source of talent hunting for national and international sport teams.


sport activity, intramural sport, extramural sport

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