Jisha K. V.


Quality in higher education has become the prime agenda of countries worldwide. In the changing context marked by expansion of higher education and globalization of economic activities, education has become a national concern with an international dimension. To cope up with this changing context,  countries  have  been  pressurized  to  ensure  and  assure  quality  of  higher education at a nationally comparable and internationally acceptable standard. Consequently many countries initiated  national  quality  assurance  mechanisms  and  many  more  are  in  the  process  of  evolving a  suitable  strategy. It is the quality of higher education that decides the quality of human resources in a country. Higher education as we see today is a complex system facilitating teaching, extension and international cooperation and understanding. The  present  study  highlights  a  survey  report o NAAC accredited  Arts  and  Science  colleges  affiliated  to  Kannur University. The main  focus  of the  study  is  the  role  NAAC  in  quality  assurance  in  higher  education. With respect to quality, it is the buzz word in today’s world of education. It has become an important ideology of education. There are  some  genuine apprehensions among academics and  social critics on the  negative impact  of  adoption  of  managerial  and  market  approaches  of  quality process  to education. Quality makes education more relevant of its social transformative and individual development role.


Higher Education Institution; NAAC; IQAC; Quality Assurance

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