. Dr. Mudgal Abhay


The aim of this paper is to examine Mulk Raj Anand’s   fiction in terms of the ordeal of consciousness perceptible in their central characters. This ordeal can be described as a movement not always successful -from the initial phases of existential alienation and despair to a transcendence of these, through the quest for a unifying myth. In the novels of the thirties and the forties the writer's attitudes were mostly biased against the British and bitter memories associated with the British rule, overshadowed the pleasant experience with individual Englishmen. Mulk Raj Anand caricatured English men in Two Leaves and a Bud and R.K. Narayan found the Englishmen insufferably proud of their economic and intellectual superiority, in The English Teacher. But this bitterness gradually disappeared in the fifties. The hold on traditions was gradually relaxing while a new culture born out of the clash between East and West was merging imperceptibly but decisively. It is assumed that while, there is an insistent longing for death as a possible exist out of ordeal, this is sought to be overcome by a nascent awareness of a mythic consciousness. Therefore, the significance of these writers deeply rooted in the motifs stemming from the east-west encounter, tradition-modernity conflict, urban-rural dichotomy.


British Rule, Consciousness, Dichotomy, Ordeal, Quest, Tradition-Ridden, Untouchability

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