Anita Kumari Panigrahi


Education is a lifelong process which helps to achieve the path of development. India being the second largest populated country in the world, without sophisticated education system its different culture, religion, geographical territory, regional variety and flora and fauna become unworthy hence not utilizing human resources in developing the country’s infrastructure. Higher education is the backbone of the modern society. It is treated as specialization in all the branches of education, inquiry as well as search of knowledge and integration and regional cohesion. In India majority of the higher educational institutions are urban centric. Even most of the higher educational institutions in rural India lack  quality. Presently, all the regions of the country including South-eastern region are facing numerous challenges in higher education in vocational, technical, engineering, humanities etc. In Odisha pseudo-environment, socio-economic instability, lack of proper utilization of educational policies, unprecedented growth of population, unavailability of adequate educational institutions are the main causes of backwardness of higher education system in rural areas part of the state.

This paper is an attempt to highlight the status of higher education in rural areas of Ganjam district with the help of convenient comparative studies covering educationally conscious citizens, students, guardians & inhabitants of those areas. The paper also highlights all the problems that the rural population is suffering in regard to Higher education, along with possible remedies to overcome those barriers.


Higher Education, Rural Areas of India, Problems and Prospects

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