. Kinchit Shah, Dr. Ankur Amin


A Special Economic Zone is a geographical region that has more liberal economic laws than a country’s typical economic laws. The basic aim of SEZ is to increase the regional development through promote exports, generate additional economic activities, encourage domestic & foreign investment, create employment opportunities and develop infrastructural facilities etc. Now-a- days in a globalized world, SEZs can play a crucial role in commercial success as epicenters of globalised trade structures. The Indian government and the state governments are now finding that it is not enough to promulgate modern laws luring foreign direct investment into India, but that they also have to provide for the concerns and the livelihoods of those affected by the establishment of SEZs. The Present Paper examines a study on an overview of evolution & growth of Selected SEZs Units in Gujarat. And also it studies the concept, growth, evolution and overviews the international experiences with SEZ experiment and highlights the critical factors for the successful development of SEZs in the Indian context. This paper also provides some analytical and theoretical aspects SEZ development in India, and compares the development of SEZ with the Gujarat state. It has been observed that after the implementation of SEZ Act, 2005, the number of SEZs increased at a rapid speed in India.


SEZs in Gujarat

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