. Ravindra Khedkar,Dr. Omprakash Haldar


Digital marketing provides a unique opportunity of communication to marketers to interact instantly with customers. Digital marketing or online marketing is effectively used well ahead in education sector and it has significantly changed traditional approach of institutes and even students vies-versa. Moreover, popularity of online marketing is constantly increasing in education sector because of its easy accessibility. In addition its introduction of new way of communication to publish information worldwide web (www) completely transformed the trend to communication with students and parents as use of smart devices and internet connectivity are accelerate the success rate to meet customer requirements on priority level.    Digital marketing provides innovative platform to easy approach, communication, Information, Transaction and admission process of Institutes. It also changes traditional learning pedagogies, syllabus, exams and evaluation system. The need of time is to provide a new approach towards the students and to address their learning and other requirements in a better ways. In today’s transforming economy education sector has rated one of the most information technology intensive sector. Also the modern administrative structure and delivery system of most of the organisations and education institutes changed because of advancement of Information Technology.

The increased use of internet has a great influence on education sector. For students when information and data of institutes is available on line can be helpful to take decision to analyse and choose college/institute, course and subjects as well. Now a day’s majority of students are internet users and internet has become major search platform for all like course, school/college, study material, staff, facility and even major methods including payment has become online. This trend indicates the education institutes must have their presence online to reach more students.

This paper summarises key findings on present status of use of Digital Marketing technology in education system and learning paradigms. It also addresses the use of innovative technology for the development of collaborative and interactive learning and Marketing communication.


Digital Marketing, Educational Institutes approach, Innovation in education, e-commerce

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