. Vinod Wamanrao Chachere


This research paper is based on the art scenario in Mumbai after independence. The aim of this research paper is to trace analyses various in development of Contemporary Art (painting and sculpture) in India after independence. The period of survey covers mainly the twentieth century country with tress on the decades. This decade is crucial in many ways, as it was during this decade that World War II over. India achieved independence and some of the progressive tendencies began their formative stage. But in order to analyse and explore the factor that were responsible to bring out the change in the course of development, the happing  in socio-political and cultural fields in Mumbai since around the 1850 are taken into consideration. The spotlight is on the Mumbai city which became dynamic centre of activities in western India 1950.Different aspect of Mumbai as a cosmopolitan city are studied in order to analyse the reflection of this on the developing trends of Art in Mumbai.


Mumbai Art scenario after independence

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