. Rakesh Kumar Chaudhary


Prehistoric people would have used natural objects to paint the walls of the caves. To etch into the rock, they could have used sharp tools or a spear. The paint or color that they probably used was from berries, clay, soot, or charcoal. The tools used to apply the paint could have been made by attaching straw, leaves, moss, or hair to sticks. They might have used hollow bones or reeds to spray the color on, similar to an airbrush technique. The desire to create unique things and give free rein to one’s imagination served as a powerful impetus to the development of digital art and design software. The commoner was the use of computers the wider variety of professional software was developed Digital painting has gained acceptance as a two dimensional art form, paralleling major traditional forms of painting in the art world. However, this aspect of the visual arts, rather underexplored, has not received the same degree of global acceptance and recognition accorded to well-known fine art forms such as sculpture, painting and drawing. Computer as a multi-media apparatus for expressivity in Fine Art Painting that can foster idea development and enhancement of techno-aesthetic values in studio painting practice.


Technological Art , Digital Painting, Software based Art

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