. Kinchit Shah


This paper basically measures, the development of perception through different variables and identify those factors which stimulates buying decision of consumer. Among various variables which effect consumer buying pattern I choose awareness and availability of the product as two main variables which have strong effect on popularity and sale of Macaroni product. As my research is totally based on qualitative method that’s why I choose quota sampling technique and collect data by interviewing house wives resides in different areas of Ahmedabad. The reason of choosing only house wives as respondent is that house wives can give true insight factors which hinder the popularity of Macaroni products in India. Focus group discussions have been conducted to extract findings. 30 house wives have been interviewed and their responses have been analyzed. The main findings which come up after pursuing my research on Macaroni is that awareness about different cooking method is largely effect on the sale of the product and so popularity of product is also effecting and hypothesis 1 is been accepted Whereas availability of product does not have strong effect on the popularity of product as well as sale is not effecting and so hypothesis 2 is rejected. It is recommended for Macaroni producers to create awareness among consumer about product itself and its usage and cooking methods by launching awareness programme about the product.


Consumer perception and buying behaviour, Macaroni study

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